Merchant Fast Cash is an innovative loan alternative for small business - with a more personal touch. No hassles, hurdles or hoops to jump through... just a simple process to get the business owner the cash he or she needs when opportunities or emergencies arise

At Merchant Fast Cash, we understand Merchants' needs for convenient and reliable access to cash, because that's what our business has always been about.

Since our 1st day, our focus has been to help Merchant's grow their businesses by:

  • Putting cash into their Customers' hands,
  • Attracting more Customers through creative signage and on-screen ads,
  • Saying "yes" to more Customers by accepting Visa, Plus, MasterCard International, Cirrus, Star, and American Express at all of our full-service Merchant Fast Cash Advantage locations.
  • Helping our Merchants increase their annual sales by ensuring their ATMs are properly situated, working, and loaded with cash,
  • Improving Customers' perceptions of value through coupons and other value-added programs and services,
  • Providing 365 days a year Help Desk and Tech Support lines - staffed by well trained and motivated Merchant Fast Cash personnel. Over the phone, our staff can help our Clients fix 85%+ of all their ATM problems in 3 minutes or less.


Merchant Loans and Cash Advances - Apply Here
  Merchant Cash Advance Up to $75,000 per location.